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Ball transfer units

Protempo carries an extensive selection of ball transfer units by Alwayse. They are very suitable for internal transport applications, allowing you to transport your loads smoothly, precisely and in any direction with minimum effort. On top of that, you do not even need a power source to use a ball tranfer unit. The ball transfer units in our range are suitable for both light and heavy loads. In addition, we have special miniature ball transfer units for the most precise jobs. Protempo can also provide you with custom-made solutions, e.g. for heavy-duty or sprung ball transfer units. We can also calculate the required distance between the ball transfer units for you. We are happy to advise you!
Ball transfer units
Series 710-000 Euro unit
Series 710-001 Standard flange
Series 710-002 Standard with oval-shaped plate mounting
Series 710-004 Standard with threaded pin mounting
Series 710-005 Standard with threaded pin mounting including cup
Series 710-007 Heavy duty, series standard
Series 710-008 Heavy duty, series heavy
Series 710-025 Mini units
Series 710-025 Mini units
Series 710-500 Clip mounting for series Euro units
Series 710-507 Clip mounting for series heavy duty standard
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