Overrun brake (parts)

Overrun brake (parts)
An overrun brake initiates when the towing vehicle brakes, but also when the trailer draws close to the towing vehicle (e.g. when descending). In combination with a brake lines and wheel brake, this mechanism should be frequently checked and adjusted.
stabilizer coupling
Overrun brakes
Ball couplings for overrun brakes
Draw bars
Overrun damper
Other service parts for the overrun brake
Breakaway cables
Din, Nato and drawbar eyelets for overrun brakes
Many different kinds of overrun brakes are available. Protempo supplies KNOTT overrun brakes with so-called triangular plate; type KF. KFL, KFG and KFGL, but also height-adjustable overrun brakes such as type KHA and KHD as well as overrun brakes that are slid across a rectangular drawbar; type KRV and overrun brakes with a round or square drawbar.
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