Technical product information

Protempo offers a wide range of technical products. We are happy to provide you with additional information. For example, what the numbers and letters of a tyre notation mean, or on how to proceed when disposing of old, used gas springs. Can't find the information you're looking for? Something you can't figure it out? Then please contact us. Our product specialists are ready to assist you.

Gas springs

Protempo delivers HAHN Gasfedern gas springs. Would you like to know how to install your gas springs or how to proceed when you want to dispose of your old, used gas springs? Then click on the relevant link below. You can also read the technical instructions as issued by HAHN.

Installation instruction

Technical regulations

Disposal of used gas springs

Pneumatic tyres

On your tyres you will find a combination of numbers and letters, the tyre notation. Please find details of the meaning of this tyre notation under 'explanation of tyre sizes'. We also explain how to read the maximum load capacity (Load Index) and maximum speed (Speed Index) of your tyre. You can convert different units of air pressure by using our air pressure calculation table.

Explanation of tyre sizes

Load Index

Speed Index

Air pressure calculation table