Gas springs

Protempo is the place to go for gas springs, mounting materials and accessories for gas springs in a variety of shapes and sizes. We carry both gas draw springs and pression gas springs, and anything from safety pipes to dampers. We have worked together with HAHN Gasfedern for years, which is why we can offer you a wide range of HAHN gas springs. Thanks to this cooperation and our own gas spring filling machines, delivering custom solutions is not an issue. You are sure to find the right gas spring for your application at Protempo.

Need help choosing the right gas spring? We gladly advice.

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Are you looking for gas springs, mounting materials or accessories for gas springs?

Protempo is the place to go for gas draw springs / gas tension springs, pression gas springs / compression gas springs and lockable gas springs by HAHN Gasfedern. We also carry mounting materials and accessories, such as safety pipes / safety locks and protective tubes. Thanks to our own gas spring filling machines and extensive stock, we can custom-fill your gas springs and deliver them to you quickly.

Reasons to choose for HAHN gas springs from Protempo

Protempo and HAHN Gasfedern have worked together for over 30 years. In fact, we are the only official dealer of HAHN Gasfedern in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. Because of this, we can directly discuss even highly specific questions with them. Our product specialists are happy to offer you custom advice. Those are not the only benefits, however:

  • We can fill a large part of our HAHN gas spring range to your desired pressure ourselves.
  • Our HAHN gas spring range is extensive, as is our stock. This means we can quickly deliver your gas springs, even in larger batches.
  • In addition to steel gas springs, we also carry stainless-steel gas springs with the following alloys: AISI 304 (V2A) and AISI 316 (V4A). These are ideal for gas springs that need to be resistant against chemicals.

Supplier to multiple sectors

Our gas springs are used in a variety of sectors. From the furniture industry to the trailer industry, and from healthcare to yacht construction. Our highly-experienced specialists are happy to help you, no matter your sector. We can offer a custom solution for any request. That way, you can be sure you have the right gas spring for your application.