Protempo has been the foremost official importer of Steinco in The Netherlands and Belgium since as early as 1975. We offer you real German quality wheels, as all Steinco products are designed and produced in Germany. Steinco has been producing wheels and wheel parts for various large sectors, including healthcare, for over 90 years. These years of experience, combined with their high-quality, award-winning and innovative products, have made Steinco a real top brand in the wheel industry. That is why we at Protempo have been working with them from day one.

The products shown in our web store are just a small selection of the products we can deliver. If you can't find the specific Steinco product you're looking for on our website, just contact us. We'll happily order it for you. We also offer Steinco's innovative systems, the Zentrales Feststellsystem (ZFS) and the Elektronischer Feststellsystem (EFS). You can contact us for more information about these systems. If you would like some advice regarding your specific situation, we are also happy to help you. Thanks to our long-term dealership, we have years of experience with Steinco products. We are happy to offer you advice!
Food industry and commercial kitchens (Steinco)
Industry and internal logistics (Steinco)
Aviation (Steinco)
Furniture and fittings (Steinco)
Healthcare (Steinco)
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Series 320 / 321
Series 320A / 322
Series 330 / 331
Series 330R / 331R
Series 335 / 336 / 337
Series 475 / 476
Series 530 / 531
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Series 558 / 558W / 558X / 559 / 559W / 559X
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Series 680 / 680A
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Series 888 / 889
Series 550 / 551 / 554
Series 550H / 551H
Series 570 / 571 / 572
Series 810 / 815
Series 820 / 825
Loose wheel
Series 898 / 898W / 899 / 899W

Looking for Steinco wheels?

Protempo is the official Steinco dealer in the Netherlands and Belgium. Therefore, we carry a large range of Steinco wheels for various sectors. Steinco has wheels suitable for healthcare, aviation, food industry and commercial kitchensindustry and internal logistics and for store fixtures, offices and laboratories.

Healthcare wheels by Steinco

Since over 90 years ago, Steinco wheels have moved beds and machines in hospitals and medical practices all over the world. These wheels meet the strictest hygiene standards and have excellent roll and swivel properties as well as safe, silent brake performance. Steinco offers wheels suitable for, among others, cleanrooms and bed washing systems. When it comes to antistatic properties, there are plenty of options, too.

Steinco's innovative systems

In addition to quality, Steinco prides itself on innovation. This is visible, among others, in their innovative systems, the Zentrales Feststellsystem (ZFS) and the Elektronisches Feststellsystem (EFS). Various Steinco wheels can be combined with these systems.
The ZFS is a modular system that combines the the benefits of a central braking system with the ease of plate fittings. The EFS is a combination of the mobility of a wheel and the benefits of an adjustable support. Both systems have diverse areas of application. Our specialists are happy to advise you about the possibilities in your situation.

Awards for product design

The products designed by Steinco combine form, function, aesthetic, technology and user-friendliness. It is no wonder Steinco regularly wins awards for the designs of their wheels. In recent years, they won the Red Dot Design Award and the iF Design Award for various wheels.