The aviation industry requires the use of light-weight, maneuverable and smooth-running wheels with optimal performance even in the narrowest of spaces. For this purpose, Protempo offers Steinco swivel castors, specifically designed for use in the aviation industry. These wheels are very suitable for catering trolleys / trolleys in airplanes. Protempo also has Alwayse ball transfer units in its range for the air cargo industry.

Steinco swivel castors for the aviation industry

For the aviation industry, Protempo has Steinco swivel castors in its range. These are specifically designed according to the requirements which apply in the aviation industry. The wheels have an extremely lightweight design, which reduces fuel consumption. The forks are made of fire-proof plastic or galvanized steel, so the wheels also meet additional safety requirements.

Excellent swiveling and running characteristics for under catering trolleys

The smooth swiveling and running characteristics and excellent maneuverability of our aeronautical wheels make them very suitable for use under airplane catering trolleys. With the central foot operated brake, the airplane trolleys are easy to secure. The wheels are available in single and double roll versions. Stainless steel versions are also available.

Alwayse ball transfer units for the air cargo industry

Alwayse ball transfer units have been used for years in the air cargo industry to move cargo with minimal effort. Ideal for moving luggage and for freight handling. The ball pots are available in various designs, from small mini-units to heavy-duty versions. Customised solutions are also possible.
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