What lighting is right for trailers?

News - 02/27/2021

What lighting is right for trailers?

During the winter months, it is a good idea to check your trailer lighting more regularly. The average trailer will generally have 6 to 8 lamps and 6 retroreflectors. It is no surprise that this lighting is subject to strict rules.

What lighting does your trailer need?

These rules were established at a Europe-wide level.


• two indicator lights at the rear of the vehicle;
• two rear lights;
• two brake lights;
license plate light;
• one rear fog lamp;
• one reverse light (if the trailer was commissioned after 31-12-2012)
• two sidelights if the trailer is wider than 1.60 m
• two marker lights at the front and two at the rear of the vehicle if the vehicle is wider than 2.10 m
• side marker lights if the vehicle is longer than 6.00 m.


• two red retroreflectors at the rear of the vehicle.
• two white retroreflectors at the front of the vehicle;
• orange retroreflectors on each side of the vehicle. The rearmost reflector on the side can be red;

Would you like to check the rules that apply in your country?

You can find the rules for the Netherlands here.
You can find the rules for Belgium here.
You can find the rules for Germany here.

Taken together, this is quite a list of required lights and reflectors. Protempo offers an extensive assortment of ECE-approved lighting and marking plates. That way, you can face inspections with peace of mind and you and your customers can drive safely.