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    Protempo offers a wide selection of over 38,000 products.

    For this reason we are the "Masters of Motion"!
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    Over 38,000 products
    Wide and deep product range
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  • About us

    Protempo B.V. has been a reliable supplier in the field of wheels, tyres, trailers and agricultural machinery for over 40 years.

    Ordering from our web-shop is both simple and fast!
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    Years of experience, knowledge and expertise
    Enthusiastic, customer-oriented office and sales force
    Expert technical support
    KNOTT, AL-KO, BPW and FAD service parts
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    With our fast service and over 70,000 orders per year, we are a reliable partner in the field of wheels, pneumatic tyre wheels, gas springs and trailer and agriculture parts.

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Our sales

Protempo serves both national and international customers. Personal contact, and effective and solution-oriented thinking and working are our focus and we are familiar with the technical market like no other. Whatever sector you're active in, we are always at your service.

We have comprehensive, dedicated, enthusiastic and highly customer-oriented internal and external teams. They draw from extensive knowledge and experience within the technology industry, which allows them to adequately analyse and simplify problems.


Our webshop

Our webshop

For over 40 years, Protempo has been a reliable supplier in the area of wheels, tyres, trailers and farm machinery. Ordering via our webshop is both simple and fast.

Order today, delivered tomorrow.

Protempo strives to deliver your order as soon as possible. Many products are available from stock and 95% of all orders are shipped the same day.



About us. Protempo BV, Master of Motion!

Looking for a reliable supplier in the field of wheels, tyre wheels, gas springs or trailer parts?

Our teams are always ready to help you out.

Protempo B.V. has over 40 years of experience as a supplier. We are known for our customer-oriented approach and open attitude. In addition to this, we offer a wide range of over 38,000 products. For this reason, we are known as the “Masters of motion”



Our warehouse

With a large stock, fast service and over 70,000 orders each year, we are a reliable partner in the area of wheel, tyre wheels, gas springs, trailer and agricultural components. We are always ready to serve our national and international customers.

Thanks to our very own ERP system, our stock is accurately monitored and replenished by means of specific algorithms. Our products come from all over the world: more than 200 containers and hundreds of loaded trucks per year.


Our products

Our products

  • Wheels
  • Wheels with pneumatic tires
  • Vehicle technologie
  • Gas springs